Shame on Roo, tops for Blues

Shame on Roo, tops for Blues


Nick zeros in on Man United, Gunners and — obviously — Chelsea.

Got to start this week by giving my two cents on Wayne Rooney.

As you all know, me and Manchester United go together like Donald Trump and a Mexican vegan.

But rivalries aside, as a football lover, you have to appreciate players like Wayne.

I think he’s still got it, can’t understand the criticism.

That’s on the pitch. But I was disgusted last week in the way that he was demonised for having a drink.

OK, he was gesuip, but isn’t that what millions of people do every now and again?

It’s hardly a vein load of heroin.

But the criticism went further, apparently he didn’t know the people he was drinking with and that’s “abnormal”. So what?

World-renowned player walks into a hotel bar, there’s a bunch of blokes who’d like to buy him a pint and have a chat with their hero, is that a crime?

Now don’t jump down my throat. I know alcohol is bad for you and as a footballing icon he influences kids and all that, but in my opinion, give the man a break.

OK, on to this weekend’s football and the biggest story for me has to be Arsenal’s dismal performance at Old Trafford.

They were awful and lucky to nick a point with their only shot of the game.

With Marcos Rojo and Phil Jones in central defence, Arsenal should have been running rings around United, but Arsene Wenger’s team just couldn’t muster up enough forward movement to give it a go.

I mean, Rojo and Jones, sounds like a company that sells used bus parts.

And I don’t for a minute buy the bulls*** one of the commentators spewed out that “Arsenal have shown great resilience and a never-die

Whaaaat? That was the worst performances this season following Chelsea’s crucifixion — by the Gunners — at the Emirates a couple of months ago.

I’d feel more than let down if I was a Gooner.

On to the top team in London, well, the top team in England right now, and a huge couple of weeks that will truly test Chelsea’s championship credentials this season.

It’s Spurs on Saturday night, always a naughty one at White Hart Lane, followed by City at the Bridge the week after. Cracking games coming up.

Until then, I know its hard looking up to me, especially Liverpool fans right now, but guess what, you’re just gonna have to deal with it.

Remember you were calling us k** a month ago.

Hahahahawe are top of the league, we are top of the league, we are top of the league, we are top of the league.

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