Search for dead teacher aide’s family



November 24, 2016
Search for dead teacher aide’s family

FOUND DEAD: Skye Zamba, 50, of Rondebosch

The 50-year-old woman lifeless body was in her found on Sunday morning.

A Cape Flats pastor and the employer of a woman who passed away at her home are desperate to find her family before they bury her.

Father Mike Williams of the Anglican church says Skye Zamba, 50, also known as Desiree Trevellyn-Treherne, was found dead inside her home in Rondebosch-East on Sunday morning.

Skye was a teacher’s assistant at Little Noddy’s creche in Crawford.

Father Mike says he found Skye dead inside her home on Sunday after she failed to respond to calls or attend church.

“She was part of the congregation for eight years and always travelled with me to church,” he says.

“I sent her a message the Saturday saying I was going to fetch her for church but there was no reply, which was unlike her. I decided to go to her home and the neighbour said he found her lying on the lawn in the week [before] and carried her inside.”

“I knocked and there was no answer and when I peeped through the window, I saw the unmade bed and then her lying on the floor,” he adds.

Father Mike immediately alerted the police and are they are now waiting for the results of the post-mortem to determine the cause of death.

Skye’s employer, Zaida Samuel, 54, the owner of the creche says they want to bury her soon but are looking for her family:

“She gave so much of herself to us and the children that I think she forgot about herself,” says Zaida.

“We are appealing for any family of hers to come forward as she will be buried next week, November 30th, at the Salvation Army, 555 Landsdowne Road, Lansdowne at 3pm,” says Zaida.

If you knew Skye, contact Zaida on 074 647 1513 or Lansdowne police on 021 700 9052.

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