Sea Point wants us out



December 1, 2016
Sea Point wants us out

PROTEST: Women march in Sea Point. CREDIT: Ayanda Ndamane

Street march for domestic evicted after 23 years

“Racist residents of Sea Point want to get rid of the bergies and maids in their area.”

These were the words of women who protested in the larney suburb yesterday after a domestic worker was left homeless following an eviction by her boss of 23 years.

Activists of Reclaim The City, who managed to delay the eviction for Bromwell Street residents in Woodstock last month, came out in support of Thandeka Sisusa, who has been a domestic worker in Sea Point since 1993.

Thandeka says she, her teen daughter and two-month-old granddaughter were evicted yesterday to make “storage space” for her employer, the owner of a larney block of flats along Main Road, where she serviced a number of apartments.

“We clean their houses and raise their families, but when they feel they’ve had enough they want to throw us away,” the emotional woman said.

“This is a painful ordeal as my daughter is 19, and my granddaughter recently suffered from meningitis.

“I have no options, I will be on the streets,” a heartbroken Thandeka says.

Scores of domestic workers joined Reclaim the City as they marched down Main Road to Sea Point Pavilion.

Nkosikhona Swartbooi from Reclaim The City says she believes there’s a “plot” by residents to get rid of domestics and vagrants in the area.

This after Sea Point ward councillor Shayne Ramsay called on residents to stop feeding street people, and join a crime march to force bergies out of the area.

The City and the Democratic Alliance have since launched an investigation into her remarks on social media.

Swartbooi says: “We work hard to find alternative accommodation (for the domestics) but many end up homeless. This is an easy plan [from employers] to evict a domestic worker in Sea Point.

“I think the ward councillor wants us all out, she wants to clean Sea Point of the vagrants and those who are not wealthy, but we also want to work to become wealthy.”

Sheila Madikane, a mother of three who has been a domestic worker in Sea Point for 35 years, says she is being evicted soon.

“I was told to be out by February next year. They offered to place me in Delft, but I don’t belong in Delft.

“They are not putting us out because they are getting new tenants, we must leave because they want to store boxes and files.

“Their files and their animals are more important than the people that are working for them,” an angry Madikane says.

Swartbooi says they are taking legal action against the employers.

Attempts to reach the employers via telephone were not successful.

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