Schools setting their policies



September 1, 2016
Schools setting their policies

POLICY: Pelican Park High principal Mr Tregonning

Cape principals shed light on their code of conduct.

The Daily Voice spoke to two Cape Flats schools about their hair policy.

Principal at the Centre for Science and Technology in Khayelitsha, Mr T Motaung, says their code of conduct does not allow for synthetic fibres.

“We don’t allow braiding and artificial fibres, that would be your hair extensions, basically, nothing that is not natural,” he says.

“They can do dreadlocks or plait their hair with wool but it has to be neat. We also don’t allow for hair colouring.

“Our view is that we want learners to have confidence in who they are without adding these fibres to their heads.”

The principal at Pelican Park High School, Mr Carder Tregonning, says they got learners’ input when they revised their hair policy last year.

“We workshopped the policy with all the learners. Short is a relative term, what’s short to one person may not be short to another,” he says.

“So we are saying [hair] must be in proportion, what is on the side is in proportion to what’s on the top.”

He says the policy protects learners.

“We want some uniformity because learners also tend to mock other learners when it comes to hair.

“So boys must have a schoolboy haircut and girls’ hair must always be tied up.

“We want it to be neat and presentable as long as we don’t infringe on the rights of our learners.”

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