School changes hair policy



September 7, 2016
School changes hair policy

PICKET: Learners at Sastra College

Hair protest motivates school to rethink its code of conduct.

A Durban school hastily changed its hair policy after a “surprise” protest by pupils this week.

Sastri College deputy principal Santhosh Rajcoomar told The Mercury that between 150 and 200 pupils gathered outside the school on Monday to express unhappiness with the school’s hair regulations.

He said the group felt the hair policy was “inconsiderate”.

“We had a policy, up until 2014, that allowed girls to wear extensions, but they began abusing this policy,” he said.

He said the pupils would colour their hair and wear it in over-the-top styles.

“So the school governing body revoked the policy in 2014,” he said.

The pupils said they wanted the old policy reinstated, which the principal did.

Rajcoomar said pupils promised they would not abuse the policy.

The “Hair Code for African Learners Only (Girls)” says extensions should be shoulder length, straight hair must be worn with one ponytail at the base of the neck, while braids can’t be adorned with beads.

No dreadlocks or hair dye is allowed, and with the exception of a fringe, all hair will be worn off the face.

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