School bus in flames after colliding with motorbike



May 12, 2016
School bus in flames after colliding with motorbike

A school bus burns out after colliding with a motorbike near Grabouw.

Biker dies on impact after colliding with a school bus, no learners were injured.

Young kids stood in shock yesterday after the school bus they were travelling in burst into flames after colliding with a motorbike.

Western Cape Traffic Chief Kenny Africa said the biker died on impact.

“Fortunately all the children managed to evacuate the bus before it burst in flames and nobody else was injured,” says Africa.

He adds that according to reports, the motorbike crashed into the bus which was turning off from the N2 near Kromco outside Grabouw.

Heino Damon, 18, a Grade 11 pupil from De Rust Futura Academy says the motorbike landed under the bus’ rear wheel.

“Everything happened so quickly. The next moment we saw flames and some kids broke the windows so we could all get out,” says Heino.

The biker’s body lay a few metres from the burning bus and his red boots and wreckage of the motorcycle lay strewn across the scene.

Africa says police are investigating a case of culpable homicide.

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