‘Scandal!’ has a new bad boy

‘Scandal!’ has a new bad boy


Veteran actor Craig Urbani finds new home on e.tv

Craig Urbani is bringing a little bit of skin and skinner to Scandal!

The soapie is set to get a shake-up by a mysterious new character named Damon Bradbury, who will be played by the handsome stage and screen star.

Damon is a rich and successful businessman with a knack for charming the ladies – and the lads.

He also likes to lives dangerously, be it in business or life, so expect some skeletons to tumble from this particular closet, mense.

And there will be quite a few, since Damon believes rules are meant to be bent.

But under all this seeming perfection lies a little boy looking for love and acceptance, leading to him seeking out his sister, who is shocked to learn that he even exists.

What is Damon doing in the world of Scandal! and will his past catch up with him? You have to tune in to see.

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