Save WP rugby



November 9, 2016
Save WP rugby


Thelo backs Zacks to tackle problems

Whispers in the corridors at Newlands are that the home of Cape rugby will not move.

This as Western Province is seeking ways to get themselves out of their current financial conundrum.

After announcing that WP Rugby (Pty) had applied for, and obtained, an order for provisional liquidation, CEO Paul Zacks is the man tasked with turning around the union’s fortunes.

President Thelo Wakefield, on his birthday on Monday, showed total confidence in the CEO who took over from predecessor Rob Wagner earlier this year.

Explaining how it is that the union is finding themselves in the current mess, Wakefield says: “If you have a child and that child is naughty, you don’t send that child to the reformatory or the prison immediately.

“You try your level best to get him right.

“I’m also guided by the spirit of the Labour Relations Act, where we have to deal with problematic workers and I always used to say that the spirit of the Labour Relations Act is to get the man right not out.

“We tried our level best, we monitored the company for a number of years. This is not a new problem. We must remember we have to feed the following: staff members every month, players every month, and faced with 110 rugby football clubs playing community rugby we have to look after them financially.

“Sitting with a company that enjoys a rollercoaster ride and this little boy not coming right after so many inspirational words and motivational words, we have to act.”

Wakefield believes in Zacks, they have found the perfect guy to get them out of their rut and says: “When we recruited the CEO, we said we wanted a person that understands business we found him, Paul Zacks.

“Paul will immediately start with a turnaround strategy – he will have to look for new business models, develop new business models and also come and present his turnaround strategy to us.”

He concludes: “It is now up to us to work with Paul Zacks side by side to maintain our vision and that is to be the best rugby franchise in the world.”

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