Saafia’s Hawaiian Stir Fry



September 28, 2016
Saafia’s Hawaiian Stir Fry


Four packs of two-minute noodles

Chicken or beef strips, about 30

Two pineapples, cubed

Baby marrow, sliced

Carrots, sliced

Onions, sliced

Green, yellow and red peppers, sliced

Green beans, trimmed.


Salt and pepper

Soya Sauce

125g butter


Fry all the vegetables and the pineaple in a little butter and oil for seven minutes, and set aside.

Fry the chicken, already spiced with salt and pepper. Three minutes should do it.

Mix chicken with the vegetables over low heat. Add in about half a cup of soya sauce and toss. Lastly, add the uncooked noodles, stir for about two minutes until soft and ta-daa, the perfect stir fry!

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