SA star robbed at mall

SA star robbed at mall

ACTRESS: Connie Ferguson

Connie shared her mall stampede and robbery experience on Twitter.

Connie Ferguson was robbed in the panic caused by a “false robbery alarm” at a mall on Saturday.

Hundreds of panicked shoppers were caught up in the chaos at Greenacres Shopping Centre, including the former Generations actress who took refuge in the back room of a cellular shop.

The fire alarm was triggered by a burst water pipe.

But shoppers called the cops saying it’s a robbery.

Connie took to Twitter saying that her TUMI purse — “with my whole life in it!” and rose gold iPhone 6 Plus — went missing.

“This after surviving a stampede of people running away and all over the place from a presumed armed robbery in the centre! If it hadn’t been so scary it would actually be funny!” she tweeted.

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