‘Robocops’ accused of theft



October 27, 2016
‘Robocops’ accused of theft

PROBE: Officers accused of stealing R5000 during raid in Elsies

Officers investigated after money was allegedly stolen out a suspect's house.

A case of theft is being investigated against several law enforcement agencies after R5 000 went missing from a house that had just been raided.

According to sources with the City of Cape Town, a female member of the city’s Stabilisation Unit was allegedly caught on camera taking the money and hiding it in her uniform.

The alleged incident took place yesterday during a raid at a suspected mert’s house in Leonsdale, Elsies River.

The source says the woman was nabbed at the house, and also named six other “Robocops” as accomplices.

Mayoral Committee member for Safety and Security, JP Smith, confirmed the incident.

However, he says all 14 officers who were at the premises are being questioned.

“Nine members of the City’s Law Enforcement Stabilisation Unit, three of the City’s Metro Police members and two SAPS members were embroiled in an incident in Elsies River,” says Smith.

“One of the Stabilisation Unit officers was seen via footage from a video camera in the house, handling an amount of cash which was found in the pocket of a pair of trousers on the scene.

“The cash was reported missing by the owner of the property as the officers exited the house.

“The vehicle the officers arrived in was subsequently searched and the cash was found in the Stabilisation Unit vehicle.

“It is not clear which member of the three services present was responsible for placing the money in the vehicle.”

He adds: “The City’s internal Special Investigations Unit has been mandated by the Executive Director for Safety and Security to leave no stone unturned during their investigation to uncover the truth.”

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