Robbers hit hi-jackpot



November 18, 2016
Robbers hit hi-jackpot

RAIDED: Cash van found at McDonalds in Green Point

Armed robbers hold up a cash van and raid money at a McDonald’s.

A local fast food chain was caught in the middle of a cash-in-transit heist in which two armed robbers hijacked a cash van and raided the money.

The drama unfolded just after 10am at the V&A Waterfront on Wednesday, while Fidelity security guards were refilling ATM machines.

Members of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks) say the skelms climbed into the Fidelity cash van and ordered the driver to head to McDonald’s in Green Point.

In the parking area of the restaurant, skelms took an undisclosed amount of money from the van, loaded it into another vehicle and drove off.

The driver was not injured.

McDonald’s says their business was not affected by the robbery.

Hawks spokesman Captain Lloyd Ramovha tells the Daily Voice arrests are yet to be made.

He could not say whether the robbers are linked to a syndicate involving cash-in-transit heists in Cape Town.

Ramovha explains: “We can confirm that we are investigating circumstances surrounding the cash-in-transit heist that apparently occurred just after 10am on Wednesday, wherein a Fidelity cash van was allegedly robbed of undisclosed amount of cash after the driver of the cash van was allegedly accosted by two unknown suspects, whilst his crew were still out apparently refilling nearby ATMs at the Waterfront.

“The suspects allegedly forced their way into the van and instructed the driver to drive to nearby McDonald’s parking area where they allegedly took the cash and got into a waiting unknown getaway vehicle and fled the scene.”

Tracey Miller, spokesperson for McDonald’s, says they were not affected by the robbery: “We can confirm that McDonald’s Green point was not robbed [on Wednesday].

“There was a cash in transit heist in the close vicinity.

“The safety and security of our customers and crew is of the utmost importance to us and we will continue to assist the relevant authorities in their investigation.”

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