Robbers disarm security company



September 23, 2016
Robbers disarm security company

STAFF LOCKED IN TOILETS: Tracking and Security Services company in Brackenfell

A security firm was held up and its cache of guns and ammo looted.

A security company was left without protection after brazen robbers broke into their offices and stole all their firearms.

At 5am yesterday, the skelms stole 9mm weapons and ammunition out of a safe at Tracking and Security Services’ offices in a business complex in Brackenfell.

Boss Peet van der Walt says five of his staff were held up by three armed suspects.

“Luckily none of the staff members were injured but they were very traumatised,” Peet says.

“I can’t say how many firearms were stolen,” he adds.

An eyewitness who works in the same complex says the employees were locked in the toilets.

“It must have been during their shift change before 5am when three suspects walked into the shop and locked the staff in the toilet,” he says.

“They stole all the firearms and ammunition out of the safe, luckily no one was hurt during the robbery.”

Lieutenant Colonel André Traut confirms are investigating a case of business robbery.

“A security company in Gemini Street, Brackenfell, fell victim to a business robbery during the early hours of (yesterday) morning,” Traut says.

“A security guard was busy with a routine inspection when he was approached by an armed suspect who was later joined by two others.

“He was forced inside the premises where he and a colleague were locked in a room.

“The suspects fled with firearms from the safe and are yet to be arrested.”

“No shots were fired during the incident and no one was injured.”

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