Robbers’ dead end



October 13, 2016
Robbers’ dead end

UPSIDE DOWN: The getaway car on the M3

Three burglars killed, one hurt in a high-speed chase on M3.

Three thieves believed to be part of the Crowbar Gang were killed while trying to flee from security guards during a high-speed chase on a Cape Town highway.

The M3 near the Firgrove turn-off in Constantiaberg was the dramatic accident scene where three of the four skelms were trapped inside the Toyota Corolla they were travelling in yesterday.

Cops say the boewe were involved in a burglary at a house in Diep River when they were spotted by guards from a private security company who gave chase.

The gang headed to the M3 highway but ended up on the wrong side of the road, and they crashed into two oncoming cars.

Their car rolled, and three of the suspects were instantly killed.

The Jaws of Life had to be used to remove the fourth suspect from the wreck.

Stolen goods were also found in the suspects’ car.

Rescue teams found the second car lying on its side while the third had come to a stop in the middle of the highway.

A five-year-old boy, a woman believed to be his mother and a man were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

TRAFFIC TERROR: Body removed from wreck

Lieutenant Colonel André Traut, explains: “Shortly after four male suspects perpetrated a burglary in Diep River, they were spotted and pursued by personnel of a private security company, which led to a high-speed car chase.

“On the M3, the suspects drove their Toyota Corolla on the wrong side of the road and collided with two oncoming vehicles.

“Three suspects succumbed on the scene and one was admitted to hospital in a serious condition.”

“The occupants of the other two vehicles, a mother and a child in the one vehicle and a male person in the other vehicle were admitted to hospital with minor injuries. Stolen household items were recovered in the suspects’ vehicle.”

A police source say the thieves are part of a crowbar gang who have been terrorising the Cape for years.

“They broke in at a house in Lincoln Road in Bergvliet. They are a crowbar gang,” says the source.

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