Rise and fall of City, Big Sam

Rise and fall of City, Big Sam

Sacked Sam Allardyce and City's Pep Guardiola

Fans are in for one unpredictable Premier League season.

I think we should all just sit back for a couple of months, talk about cars, politics, sewing, gardening, whatever…

It would make more sense than trying to analyse and predict what the hell is going on in the Premier League this season.

Never has the great Bill Shankly’s words rung truer: “I only look at the league table after Christmas”.

Only five points separate the top seven and we’ll only know what’s really going on in the next few months.

Manchester City looked invincible, but got a proper 
lesson at White Hart Lane on Sunday.

It’s amazing, all seems so simple, just press hard, hassle the opposition on the ball and Bob’s your uncle.

Sit back against City, like Manchester United did the other week, and they’ll pass the ball around you until you’re giddy, but get in their faces and they turn into everyone else.

Tottenham did that so well, didn’t allow them to play and took their chances.

It was a perfect performance against a very good side.

I’d go as far as saying it’s the best team effort I’ve seen this season and it’ll give Spurs fans a lot of heart.

Saying that, Burnley set themselves up a bit differently against Arsenal and barring a goal that should have been disallowed for handball, should have nicked a point.

They just sat two lines of players behind the ball and defended with their lives.

BUS-PARKING INSTRUCTOR: United’s José Mourinho

On that note, why does José Mourinho continue to complain about sides that sit deep and play for a point?

He was scathing of Stoke, but that’s been the name of his game for years.

How dare United fans moan about sides “parking the bus”, when they have the driver and mechanic at their helm.

I’m worried about what’s going on at Old Trafford….

Well, you know what I mean, not actually worried like I care about them, but worried that the latest attempt to catch up with the rest might well end up in total disaster.

The boss is under such immense pressure to get results and despite huge spending, the side isn’t 
looking that much better than it was under David Moyes or Louis van Gaal.

In fact, at this stage last 
season, LVG had amassed more points! OK, I’m being unfair, aren’t I? Give him a chance and another £100m or so in January and surely it’ll all come right.

On a slightly more perilous subject, you gotta worry about Big Sam Allardyce.

The way it’s all heading, he might be out of football altogether.

Imagine that, from the 
pinnacle of his career, the top job in the game, to the soon forgotten wilderness of a 
scandalised hero.


What a * ***k. He’s a proper geezer, salt of the earth, 
working-class football man.

He was just caught doing what thousands are at various levels of professional football. Back handers and bungs, inside info and tap-ups, it’s the name of the game. With 100s of millions, well, billions of pounds in the game, of course there’s gonna be plenty of 

It’s endemic, from Fifa all the way down. And Big Sam’s downfall proves it.

The former Bolton and Sunderland boss was on a contract worth millions a year, but he still wouldn’t miss the opportunity of earning on the side.

This time, as manager of the national side a step too far, messing with the establishment, sorry fella… Big fat red card.

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