September 23, 2016
Sir Lowrians upset Kuila on home turf
RUGBY fans came wrapped up in blankets, holding cups of coffee and hot chips to enjoy the vuurwarme action as Kuils River took on Sir Lowrians in a Super League A clash played at Kuils River.
On an ice-cold Friday night, the players worked up a sweat with kwaai running rugby to the delight of the fans.
In the end, Kuils River narrowly went down 24-25 in front of their home crowd.


Sir Lowrians upset Kuila on home turf

CLASH: Brandon Beukes of Sir Lowrians charges

FRIENDS: Carmen Isaaks and Carmen Johnson enjoyed the game

BROTHERS: Wayne and Alvin Albertyn with Michael Morris 

WATCH: Mathew van Rensburg and Deon Ehrenreich

FANS: Sandra Samuels and Ashlin Daniels came to skree

TIGHT GAME: Sir Lowrians’ Bevan Britz is wary of Jayden Hanslo of Kuils River

EXCITED: Shanon Daniels and Westley Booysen

MENSE: Supporters packed into Kuils River’s home ground

SNUG: Shannon Lotriet, Tania Jarvis and Chante Lotriet

COSY: Rochelle Smith and Leondre Beukes enjoyed clash

YUMMY: Nicole Kearns and Chanelle Williams vannie Belhar
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