Red Devils not a team of stars​



September 13, 2016
Red Devils not a team of stars​

ABSENT: Beaten United

It was a game no one could have predicted.

I was kind of expecting a bit of a stalemate ahead of the Manchester Derby.

How wrong was I? It was a game no one could have predicted, it really had a draw written all over it.

But United were completely absent in the first half and City should have crucified them.

As it turned out José Mourinho must have thrown a complete wobbly in the changing room as they came out and made a good contest of it.

Saying that, Zlatan — as always — remained out of the game for 88 minutes, fluffing a couple of chances, while strutting around watching the game happen around him.

Most worrying was the performance of Paul Pogba. I love him as a player and he’s already shown how valuable he is on the park, but his presence was about as influential as a Danny K love song.

His gangling 6 foot 4 figure lost amongst a midfield of midgets, I can’t remember him touching the ball more than once with any real vision or authority.

I had a couple of United fans chatting to me in a pool bar later that evening. They were cursing Wayne Rooney, who I actually thought he was one of the more effective players in the side.

Why is there so much debate on whether he should continue playing?

Oh and before I forget, who is Henrikh Mkhitaryan?

OK, let’s just call him Tony for now, a lot easier.

He looks and plays like he’s the offspring of Angel Di Maria and Mr Bean, rubbish… Anyway, a real wake up call for the multitudes of glory hunters and Mourinho himself, who believe the 
Premier League title is a foregone conclusion.

It was a great day of football, ending with champions Leicester visit to Liverpool.

Sounds funny doesn’t it?

Anfield was looking glorious with the new stand up and running.

And as always – hate to say it – I got a little lump in the throat as 52 000 Scousers belted out “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

Barring Lucas Leiva’s mental assist to Jamie Vardy at the back end of the first half, Leicester were never in it.

Shame man, it’s really all over isn’t it.

They’ll probably have a top-10 finish, but the spark, the magic, the adrenalin has gone.

Klopp will be well pleased after an up-and-down start to the season.

On Saturday’s evidence they looked capable of upping their presence this season.

They were dangerous and quick on the front foot and when Daniel Sturridge is ticking, artistic movement is always on the cards.

Away from the favourites, I’m loving the fact that no one is really expecting Chelsea to feature this season.

Quietly and steadily the side is gelling into a proper unit under Antonio Conte.

The bench is strong and the points keep coming — despite two stupid Swansea goals. The Blues face Liverpool at the Bridge on Friday night, massive game, can’t wait. Don’t say I didn’t tell ya.

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