Red devils in crisis



September 20, 2016
Red devils in crisis

Manchester United's boss José Mourhino

The Special One insists he is remaining calm despite reports of infighting amongst players.

Manchester United are in crisis.

That’s the word from midfielder Marouane Fellaini as boss José Mourinho tries to keep a lid on things.

Sunday’s shock 3-1 loss at Watford was the Red Devils’ third in a row after defeats to Manchester City and Feyenoord.

Fellaini explains: “We can say it’s a little crisis because a club like Manchester United cannot lose three games.”

United have not convinced this season, with Mourinho still 
figuring out what his best team is and £100m Paul Pogba struggling to make an impact since his world-record transfer arrival.

The Special One insists he is remaining calm, following reports that the players are arguing amongst themselves and José starting to single out players.

He says: “I have this capacity of balance.

“Balance is, for me, not running around the pitch when we were winning a couple of matches and nobody sees now me being too depressed.

“I’m sad. Obviously, I’m sad but, as I was telling the players, there is only one way.

“At 10.30 in the morning, we have a training session and we have to be there. They have to work, they have to show themselves with a certain kind of attitude towards negative moments.

“We need positive people to give us a positive feeling because next time these boys are going onto a football pitch, they are going to feel… the weight of the defeats.”

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