‘Raped’ by three women



October 4, 2016
‘Raped’ by three women

FILMED: 'Rapists' recorded the alleged attack

Man lured to house under 'false pretenses' before being 'sexually assaulted'.

A Hluhluwe man says he was raped by three women who lured him into a house.

A video of the alleged incident was posted on social media and has since gone viral.

The man said he was at home when a woman whom he knows called him over, saying she needed help with an electrical problem.

“I went into her house and when I got there, I saw another girl in the room. I did not pay any attention to her. Then another girl who was hiding behind the door closed it, that’s when I realised that something was wrong.”

He thought the women were joking when they told him they wanted to have sex with him.

He said he tried to defend himself but his arm was weak after he injured it in an accident years ago.

Two of the women allegedly attacked him while the third handled the camera.

He was let go and went home and took a shower.

He told his older sister “but she thought I was joking”.

It was only after a video appeared online that he went to police.

Lieutenant-Colonel Thulani Zwane of KZN police confirmed the women had been arrested.

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