‘Raped’ by her doctor



September 28, 2016
‘Raped’ by her doctor

Cops arrested a doctor at Nyanga Community Health Centre for allegedly raping a patient.

Man is bust at health centre after sick sex attack on Nyanga woman.

A Nyanga woman who went to a clinic complaining of back pains claims she was raped by her doctor.

Police arrested a 46-year-old doctor on Monday, following allegations he had raped a 26-year-old patient.

Spokesperson, FC van Wyk, says the woman claims the man raped her in his consultation room.

She informed the clinic’s management, who called police and the accused was arrested at his workplace.

The suspect is expected to appear at the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court today.

Yesterday, the woman’s family said she was still too traumatised to talk about the incident.

Her 38-year-old sister says the young woman went to the healthcare centre on Monday after complaining of back pain.

“She says she went in and explained what was wrong and he told her it might be discharge from a vaginal infection,” she says.

“He told her to take off her tights and to lie down before he inserted his fingers into her for an examination.

“After taking out his fingers, he told her there was definitely some discharge and that he would need to remove it.

“He then told her to breathe in and out, to relax and when she still couldn’t, he told her to imagine she was having sex — a process which was supposed to relax her.

“When that didn’t work, he apparently started massaging her breast.

“Afterwards he told her to move and to close her eyes. He then took some cream and put his hand in there again.

“My sister says she got groggy and the next thing she knew this man was on top of her, raping her.”

The sister says she they are shocked a doctor could do this to his own patient.

“One usually expects rapes to happen while a person is walking alone at night or out at a tavern, not in your doctor’s rooms.

“We go to these places for help because we cannot afford private doctors but now this has scared us all.”

“Something needs to be done about this, how are we to trust that the doctors in our clinics are not criminals because it’s never the same doctor, they come and go.”

Spokesperson for the Department of Health Mark van Heever says the doctor in question was employed as a locum [temporary] doctor via an agency.

“The Department has since suspended all ties with the agency, pending the outcome of the investigation,” he says.

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