Rape victim ‘wanted cash’



October 20, 2016
Rape victim ‘wanted cash’

ACCUSED: Oluwabusuyi Babalola

The doctor accused of raping a patient claims she only made the allegations after he refused to give her money.

The Nyanga doctor accused of raping his patient claims the victim asked him for money minutes before making the damning allegations against him.

This emerged as the bail application of Dr Oluwabusuyi Babalola continued at the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

The 46-year-old faces charges of rape following allegations by a 26-year-old woman that she was attacked by him when she went to the Nyanga Day Hospital seeking treatment for her backache.

Yesterday investigating officer Warrant Officer Adam Kappers told the court the complainant informed him she was now receiving death threats from unknown persons.

“The complainant told me she received private number calls from a male person who threatened her life,” he testified.

“According to her the male person told her ‘today is the day you are going to die’.

“I spoke to her [on Tuesday] and she told me she can go nowhere in Nyanga, she now fears for her life.

During cross examination, the accused’s lawyer, Joshua Greeff, told the officer his client once again denied the allegations.

Greeff went on to try and poke holes into the version presented by the woman, saying the door to the consultation room was never locked and there were people walking in and out of it.

“After the consultation she [complainant] asked the applicant for financial assistance, asked if he could help her,” Greeff says.

“When the doctor politely said he could not assist her, she then said: “You can’t say that, you are a medical doctor.”

The court case continues on November 25.

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