Racist to plead guilty



November 29, 2016
Racist to plead guilty

Dawie Kriel's controversial Facebook post

The Durban man landed up in court after sharing scathing post about Diwali celebrations.

The man who made racist comments about Indians during Diwali wants to plead guilty.

eThekwini local David “Dawie” Kriel confirmed this when he appeared in the Durban Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Crimen injuria charges were laid against Kriel after he made the comments on Facebook in October.

Kriel wrote on Facebook group Gatvol Bluff: “To those idol worshippers and devil disciples who buy them (fireworks) in the name of religion, * ***-off back to your dark hole in the backwoods of India.

“I could strangle you morons with my bare hands and derive great pleasure in watching your face turn blue and your tongue pop out,” the post continued.

Kriel’s case was adjourned to January.

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