Rachel reaches out to someone she hurt



November 7, 2016
Rachel reaches out to someone she hurt

AMENDS: Skeem Saam at 6.30pm on SABC1

The start of a new week calls for celebration! Bust daai Monday blues with a taste of all your lekkerste Mzansi shows.

Let’s check into all our favourite soaps and all our favourite mense!

First stop, Skeem Saam, 6.30pm on SABC1. Can your ears and eyes believe it mense?

Rachel reaches out to someone she offended in the past. Yoh, there must be rain on the horizon!

In the meantime, Ayanda discovers some intriguing information about Jama, and Charles plays hardball with BigBoy.

Then we switch on over to Rhythm City were Bongi is worried that Doc is trying to trap her for his own selfish reasons.

Hello meisie, wake up and smell the coffee!

On the other hand, Zinzi can’t cope with the fact that her mammie and pa’s marriage is now basically a sham. Shame. Catch it, 7pm on e.tv.

At 8pm on SABC1, it’s Generations: The Legacy where the Diales are suspicious about where Namhla keeps disappearing to, and Smanga strikes a deal with Jack.

Gadaffi also decides to take back what is his — here comes trouble with a capital G!

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