R50m holy war



October 26, 2016
R50m holy war

Reverend Jo-Andre van Schalkwyk claims Bishop stole R50 million in funds. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

Ministers battle over missing church funds.

Two holy men are at war over an alleged R50 million that went missing from church coffers.

A reverend has accused his former Bishop David Rwhynica Daniels of defrauding the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church out of the money and “living the high life”.

The Bishop reportedly lives in a Ra million mansion in Constantia.

Reverend Jo-Andre van Schalkwyk, 51, from Athlone, resigned from the AME church a year ago “because of the dodgy finances”.

Liberian-born Daniels is the leader of the AME church in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Kalahari, Namibia and Angola.

The reverend claims the Bishop is a racist who called him a mother f***ing n!gger after he started asking sticky questions about the church’s money matters. He admits he hit back by calling Daniels a baboon.

The Bishop has since brought an internal charge of defamation of character against him.

NO COMMENT: African Methodist Episcopal Bishop Daniels

Last week, Van Schalkwyk opened a case of fraud at the Lentegeur police station, claiming Daniels defrauded the church of R50 million since he became Bishop four years ago.

According to him, AME, whose South African headquarters are in Bellville, is being funded by their mother church in the US: “The church applies for money from America, sending pictures of poor children, and they receive these funds.

“Daniels travels to America (to receive cash), comes back to South Africa and doesn’t declare a cent.

“There is no auditing report done on monies received, only planning,” claims the reverend.

“What about the tiendes (tithes) and monies which is raised by the church?

“I was part of the AME church for 27 years and I was part of the top structures for years.

“I decided I cannot stand by and be part of the financial corruption taking place at the church.”

Van Schalkwyk has since founded his own church, the Elijah Community Church.

He says Daniels needs to be exposed as his congregation sees nothing of these monies.

“The bishop is involved with tax evasion, money laundering and racketeering,” alleges Van Schalkwyk.

The Daily Voice visited Bishop Daniels’ larney house in Constantia, where a 4×4 vehicle was standing in the massive driveway.

There appeared to be no one at home at the huge facebrick house, which had a luxurious extended patio out front.

Daniels refused to be drawn into the matter, saying: “Why must I comment? The matter is with my lawyers. He will say anything now to make himself look good.”

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk confirms charges of fraud have been laid against Daniels and that the matter is being investigated.

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