Queen’s cousin comes out



October 13, 2016
Queen’s cousin comes out

Lord Ivar Mountbatten and partner James Coyle

Lord Ivar Mountbatten is the first in the extended Royal Family to live openly as a gay.

The queen of England is getting stiff competition from her queer cousin.

A cousin of Queen Elizabeth has revealed that he is gay and living with a man — with the full blessing of his ex-wife.

Lord Ivar Mountbatten, 53, is the most senior aristocrat of his generation, and the first in the extended Royal Family to come out.

The great-great-great grandson of Queen Victoria has found love with a Glaswegian flight attendant whom he met on a holiday.

Lord Ivar was previously married to Penny with whom he has three daughters.

She is so supportive she does yoga with her ex’s new berk, James Coyle, and dines with the couple regularly.

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