Pushed out of a moving bus



November 17, 2016
Pushed out of a moving bus

HURT: Abelson de Kock, 70 was rushed to hospital after the incident

A bus rode over a man's leg after a "fat mamma" accidentally bumped into him.

A pensioner’s leg was crushed under a bus after he was allegedly pushed out of the vehicle by a “fat mamma”.

Family and friends of 70-year-old Abselon De Kock of Manenberg claims the bus driver failed to stop despite the terrified screams of commuters.

The dad of five was on the private Autopax bus, hired by Metrorail, after their 7.15am train failed to arrive at Muizenberg Station last Friday.

Abselon’s youngest child, Elrico De Kock, 17, says his father told them he was pushed out of the bus and that the driver refused to stop: “My father takes the train daily to work because he works in construction.

“He said there were no trains and that they had to take this overcrowded bus and when he wanted to give the driver his ticket, a woman pushed him by accident out of the bus.

“The bus then drove over his leg and even though his friends in the bus screamed for the driver to stop, he just drove on.”

The dad, who works for a building and construction company, was rushed to a day hospital and given painkillers.

But after his leg started “swelling and festering”, his family took him to the Mitchells Plain District hospital where he’s still being treated.

Community leader Desiree Paris says they called an ambulance when the leg got worse.

“The leg began to swell and large blisters were forming and it was blue. I called the ambulance and we are unsure if the leg is broken,” she says.

One of Abselon’s managers, who asked not to be identified, says they were called to the scene. “We understand it was a fat mamma who pushed him out of the bus and he slipped and fell and the bus drove away,” he says.

Riana Scott, of Metrorail, says: “Unfortunately we have no record of the alleged incident either. It would be advisable for Mr De Kock or his family to report the incident as soon as possible to the relevant bus company, Autopax, to investigate.”

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