Puppy eats all jewels



May 27, 2016
Puppy eats all jewels

STOUT: Hondjie Ella.

Little pooch chows owner's wedding ring.

An expensive wedding ring that disappeared off a dresser was safely found – in the family dog’s maag.

Little Charl, two, tried to tell his mom that their puppy Ella “ate” the ring, but no one took him seriously.

Delmas mother Avanya Höll told News24 yesterday she first noticed her jewellery was missing when she came out of the shower a week ago.

Her wedding ring and earring were not in the box on her dresser, so she called over her son.

He said he rolled the ring on the ground and she [Ella] came and swallowed it. He then gave the earring too because he thought she was hungry.

The mischievous Schnauzer eventually spat the earring out while the ring was surgically removed.

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