‘P!ssed all over my life’



September 20, 2016
‘P!ssed all over my life’

VICTIM: Michelle Nongcana CREDIT: Ayanda Ndamane

Man says his life is ruined after a model peed on him.

A former taxi driver who was urinated upon says his life has gone down the drain because of the incident.

Michelle Nongcana, 43, was speaking outside the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court yesterday where sentencing proceedings took place in the matter against ex-model Djavan Arrigone.

The University of Cape Town student was found guilty of assault and crimen injuria last year for the 2014 incident where he peed onto Nogcana from the balcony of the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Claremont.

Djavan’s lawyer, Advocate Even Grobbelaar, argued for a suspended sentence with conditions of community service and counselling.

He said the accused had endured trauma from the verbal abuse and death threats he received from social media.

Grobbelaar told the court his client was fired from his agency Boss Models where he made between “R40 000 to R50 000 a month” to support his family.

But prosecutor, Advocate Phumeza Zondi asked the court to impose imprisonment or a hefty fine.

She said the case was of public interest and that the incident left the victim a laughing stock in his community.

Outside court, Michelle told the Daily Voice his life has been ruined.

“My friends no longer look at me at the same, they laugh at me and I have lost countless jobs because of the bad luck,” he says.

“I need to get cleansed from this black cloud hanging over me and sangomas are charging me R150 000 for the ceremony.”

Arrigone is back in court on September 30 for sentencing.

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