Principal fears school bully



October 17, 2016
Principal fears school bully

Principal Rushda O'Shea

High School teacher verbally abused by grade 9 learner, 17.

A principal at a Mitchells Plain school says she fears for the safety of her learners and staff after she was verbally abused by a learner who also damaged her car.

The incident occurred last Thursday at Tafelsig High School where five teachers had to physically restrain a Grade 9 learner who “went into a rage, swearing and verbally abusing” the principal, Rushda O’Shea.

O’Shea says she had called the 17-year-old to her office to reprimand him following complaints that he had bullied another learner.

“I was also going to give him a letter to give to his parents so that we could talk about the incident but he refused to take it,” she says.

“He went into a rage and started swearing and screaming at me before leaving my office, it was on his way out that he damaged my vehicle.

“He left and came back without his school uniform and began with the verbal abuse and tried to go at me, but he didn’t lay a hand on me.

“It was at this point that the other teachers intervened, but he is a big boy, that is why it took five people to restrain him. He was very aggressive and angry.

“As he was leaving, he said he would wait for me outside and I’ll see what will happen.

“That threat is now my biggest fear, that he will come back and try this with either my teachers or the children.

“My car has several scratches on it; the tail-light is completely damaged and needs replacing.”

The palie says she’s reported the matter to the Western Cape Education Department, and the police.

“He is a problem learner and we have tried to work with him numerous times but this is just over the top,” she adds.

Spokesperson for the MEC of Education, Jessica Shelver, says they were unaware of the incident but would investigate.

Police confirmed a charge of malicious damage to property and crimen injuria has been laid against the learner.

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