Prez dozes off during budget speech



October 28, 2016
Prez dozes off during budget speech

NAP TIME: President Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma caught snoozing during Pravin Gordhan's medium-term budget speech.

Somebody should tell President Jacob Zuma — you snooze, you lose. In his case, the respect of his country.

The prez was caught on camera taking a nap during the Finance Minister’s crucial medium-term budget speech on Wednesday.

Pravin Gordhan was just one hour into his mini-budget when Zuma nodded off.

The Parliamentary cameras which were beaming images across numerous news channels show Zuma sleeping while Gordhan tries to steer the country into financial recovery.

The politicians, including the ANC, have kept mum on the prez’s 40 winks, but mense on social media have loudly poked fun at Zuma, even creating memes.

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