Popular restaurant robbed at gunpoint



November 15, 2016
Popular restaurant robbed at gunpoint

TARGETED: Tomahawk Spur in Voortrekker Road, Goodwood. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

Three thieves robbed Goodwood Spur and its customers.

The brazen gunmen, who obviously have a taste for the crime life, held up a well-known family restaurant.

Tomahawk Spur in Voortrekker Road, Goodwood, was robbed by three skelms at 8.30pm on Sunday.

Police say the robbers entered the Spur and threatened staff and customers before making off with an undisclosed amount of money, cellphones and the restaurant’s speed point.

The diewe then casually walked out out the back door and drove off in a getaway car waiting outside.

Fortunately no restaurant patrons or staff were harmed during the heist.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirmed the incident.

“The suspects took an undisclosed amount of cash, cellular phones and the speed point,” he says.

“No shots were fired and no injuries sustained. An armed robbery case was opened for investigation and investigation continues.”

Spur spokesman Wesley Heaney says he is currently in New Zealand and was not aware of the incident and could therefore not comment.

Meanwhile, the Daily Voice asked The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC), what skelms could possibly do with the stolen card machine taken during robbery.

CEO Kalyani Pillay says “not much”.

“If the speed point is a very old model, criminals may attempt to tamper with it in order to compromise card data. However, most speed points currently in the market cannot be tampered with,” Pillay said.

Anyone with any information about this incident is kindly requested to contact Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

In August, cops caught four skelms who robbed the Silver Creek Spur in Durbanville.

After the robbery, the four dom skelms patiently waited for a taxi — outside a police station — to make their getaway.

The ill-prepared boewe were nabbed by cops after trying to shoot their way out of the minibus.

Warrant Officer Frederick Williams suffered a flesh wound to the head in the shootout.

The suspects had entered the restaurant through a back entrance, posing as suppliers before robbing the manager of her cellphone and engagement ring.

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