Poo leader’s clean break



September 27, 2016
Poo leader’s clean break

FALLEN OUT: Loyiso Nkohla and Andile Lili

Ses’khona flushes Nkohla and others who joined DA.

Former poo fighter and co-founder of Ses’khona People’s Movement Loyiso Nkohla has been kicked out of the organisation as punishment for joining the Democratic Alliance.

Yesterday Ses’khona announced that they were expelling Nkohla as well as other members who left the African National Congress with him to join the DA.

The group says Nkohla was expelled because he “can’t protest against himself”. He is being replaced by the movement’s spokesman, Sithembele Majova.

Nkohla has been employed by the City of Cape Town as an “executive support officer” to Mayoral Committee Member for Utilities Ernest Sonnenberg earlier this month.

The City said it was “a political appointment” following his campaigning for the DA during the municipal elections in August.

Nkohla’s expulsion effectively cuts political ties between him and long-time ally Andile Lili when they co-founded Ses’Khona two years ago to demand decent toilets in informal settlements.

Yesterday Lili told the Daily Voice they’ve decided to give Nkohla the boot because “he has joined the enemy”.

“He is being replaced by Sithembele Majova who will be acting in the position until our conference in March next year,” Lili says.

“He is removed because he joined the enemy of Ses’khona.

“We expelled him and those members who joined the DA along with him.”

The move comes after Ses’Khona announced just before the elections they would not be endorsing the ANC, and that members were free to join any other political party.

“Yes, but that excluded the DA,” Lili “clarified”.

Nkohla did not respond to queries yesterday.

Meanwhile, the movement is going on a “revive drive” at the end of October to replenish their numbers.

Mpucuko Nguzo says this would coincide with a service delivery march to the City, and the Passenger Railway Agency of South Africa (Prasa) for jobs.

“There are other members and leaders who lost confidence in Ses’khona after Loyiso joined the DA — we want to put in a call to all members to come back, except for those who joined the DA.

“It is an automatic expulsion for anyone who joins that party.”

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