Police probe top cop



October 26, 2016
Police probe top cop

GRIEVANCES: Station Commander Shaun van Wyk

Multiple service delivery complaints leads to station commander inquest.

Police have confirmed they are investigating “service delivery complaints” against a Cape Flats station commander.

Several cops at the Grassy Park police station came forward to complain about Colonel Shaun van Wyk, who has been slapped with charges of crimen injuria and internal grievances.

Police spokeswoman Constable Noloyiso Rwexana confirms complaints are being investigated against Van Wyk, brought by a staff member who recently resigned.

“This office can confirm that Service Delivery Complaint Files have been opened,” she says, without elaborating on the nature of the complaints.

A 42-year-old Warrant Officer said she decided to quit her job earlier this month because she was on the verge of “snapping and shooting Van Wyk”.

She lodged two grievances against Van Wyk and booked in at Crescent Clinic in Kenilworth for stress.

She says Van Wyk was bullying and terrorising staff, and treated single mom cops with disdain.

Daily Voice also spoke to a 34-year-old cop who opened a case of crimen injuria against Van Wyk, after he allegedly called him a “dirty Indian” over his old and worn uniform.

However, a member of the Duiker Avenue Neighbourhood Watch in Lotus River has come out in support of Van Wyk, saying he’s a “strong leader”.

The 41-year-old man says: “He has restored our faith in police.

“I think people are upset because he is pressing them to do their work, they were too comfortable in how things were.

“We have seen changes in police response times when we call them out to make an arrest. As opposed to waiting three hours, they arrive in 30 minutes.”

Van Wyk did not respond to queries.

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