‘Police fuelling STDs’



September 15, 2016
‘Police fuelling STDs’

Dr Phophi Ramathuba

Health MEC wants to dissuade cops from “stripping” prostitutes of “their tools of trade”.

Overzealous police officers who confiscate condoms from suspected prostitutes as “evidence” are on a collision course with the department of health, which says their actions could fuel HIV infections.

Limpopo MEC for Health Dr Phophi Ramathuba said: “There is a contradiction that when police find prostitutes with condoms they confiscate them as ‘evidence’ that they are involved in illegal trade.”

Dr Ramathuba made her remarks while addressing members of the National Council of Province in Polokwane on Tuesday.

The health MEC called for a debate to find ways to dissuade cops from “stripping” prostitutes of “their tools of trade”.

She told parliamentarians the newly introduced condoms supplied by government to the public for free were part of the effort to fight the spread of HIV/Aids and related sickness.

The health MEC said she found out about the confiscated condoms during her interactive with prostitutes in the province.

She praised government’s new contraceptive programme and dispelled the myth doing the rounds that men fall sick if their partners use them.

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