PnP HR officer ‘calls coloured mense lazy’



May 18, 2016
PnP HR officer ‘calls coloured mense lazy’

Pick n Pay's provincial manager denied the claims. CREDIT: Sourced

The remarks were allegedly made in the presence of former police detective, who took the matter up with Pick n Pay's head office.

A Pick n Pay worker has been labelled a racist after allegedly calling coloured mense lazy.

The human resources officer at the retail giant’s Tyger Valley store allegedly made the remarks in the presence of former police detective Shareef Carlse when he visited the store last month.

Carlse, 48, says he and the store manager were in an office to check the availability of a product, when another man came in and said, “coloureds just don’t want to work, they are such a lazy lot”.

In a letter to Pick n Pay, Carlse explained: “I asked him if he knows me or have (sic) a relationship with me that will allow him to say something like this in my presence. He looked at me almost astonished that I would ask him something like that.

“He then answered that he is in HR and that he had just black people’s CVs, and that he wants to give coloured people work but they are too lazy to hand in their CVs to him,” Carlse claims.

“Now these statements out of the mouth of HR might be Pick n Pay policy or it might be that it’s his own racist employment |policy that he is practising under the Pick n Pay brand,” Carlse added.

Pick n Pay provincial general manager Jarett van Vuuren denied the claims.

“We have investigated this incident and can confirm we have witnesses who were in the office at the time, and who will attest that no such remark was made,” Van Vuuren told the Cape Times.

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