Pit bully is stoned to death



May 30, 2016
Pit bully is stoned to death

GRUESOME: Brunos dead body lying under concrete in Wesbank. CREDIT: Patrick Louw

A pit bull brutally killed after he attacking dogs, owner

This pit bull’s ‘reign of terror’ ended in death after he was allegedly stoned by gatvol residents in Wesbank.

Bruno attacked two dogs and bit one of their owners before he was killed.

The Daily Voice has reported on at least three attacks in the last three months in which pit bulls have been killed.

His owner Jonathan Afrikaner, 43, says he rushed home on Wednesday to find his dog in another resident’s yard a few roads away.

Bruno was found dead with a concrete slab placed over his body.

Jonathan says: “I was at work when I got a call saying that Bruno snapped loose from his chain and ran into the street.

“I always keep the gate closed so he must have jumped over the fence.

“I was told he had a fight with another dog and [that dog’s] owner threw bricks at him.”

A heartbroken Jonathan adds: “I had to leave again. I didn’t have a chance to bury my own dog.”

Jonathan insists Bruno “was not aggressive towards people” but admits he “was aggressive towards other dogs”.

But Ashwill “Bolle” Jansen, 25, says Bruno came charging towards his pit bull, Demon, while they were walking down the road.

“The gate was open and he ran out and came straight towards my dog. They started fighting and I ran for a spade and when my dog got a gap I told him to go home and that’s when the other dog bit my hand,” he says.

Ashwill says Demon is still recovering from the attack and “is nog baie bang”.

Bruno ran into another road off Wesbank Main Road, where he attacked Amanda Saal’s, 43, pavement special, Wind.

“I tried to stop them, but my son told me it’s too dangerous,” says Amanda.

“Eventually Wind got a gap and he ran around the house, the other dog followed.

“My children pulled [Bruno] up by his neck through the bedroom window using a rake which they bent.

“He eventually left my dog, then the children noticed [Bruno] was not moving.

“We don’t know if [Bruno] was injured when he came here, or what caused his death,” she says.

Amanda says they never stoned the dog but placed the slabs on top of Bruno out of fear that he would get up and attack Wind again.

Amanda says Jonathan told her to bury Bruno.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA spokesperson Belinda Abraham says they were not aware of the incident.

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