Pit bull victim’s dad in court for burglary



November 14, 2016
Pit bull victim’s dad in court for burglary

APPEAR: Hendricks

The man whose child was bitten to death by their dog will appear in court this week for a house robbery where the victims were assaulted with pangas and knives.

On Friday, Nowell Hendricks, 36, Overstrand Municipality housing official Bernard Fortuin along with Jason Goliath, 19, appeared briefly in the Hermanus Magistrates’ Court.

While investigators are establishing their bail profiles, the state will oppose bail as the three are accused of a Schedule 5 crime where weapons were involved.

Hendricks, whose 18-month-old daughter Faith was attacked by their pet dog, recently received a letter stating that her “blood was on his hands” because of his lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Elfonso van der Westhuizen claims allegations against Fortuin are false.

“I was with him the whole night. We left the pub at about 2.30am and went back to the New Harbour where we drank some more.

“The (CCTV) cameras should be able to prove this,” says Elfonso.

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