[PICS] Spirit vannie Ses alive on the Flats

[PICS] Spirit vannie Ses alive on the Flats

FUNNYMAN: Waseef Piekaan had the crowd in stitches with jokes. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

Songs and laughs at tribute show.

It was a night of nostalgia and stars as the legends of District Six gathered to remember the very special place they once called home.

On Friday night a group of former residents who formed The District Six Working Committee, an organisation which aims to return the displaced families back to their homes, held a unique gathering in the spirit of The Ses.

Concert innie District took place at Athlone’s popular Joseph Stone Auditorium in commemoration of all those who lost their homes under the Group Areas Act.

The concert is one way of keeping the culture, traditions and memories of the families alive, say organisers.

Before the show, dozens of people, including old members of the Walmers Athletics Club and the Collegians rugby club packed into the foyer.

The “old boys” shared memories and warmed up with a cup of lekker cooked mielies as they laughed and reminisced.

The concert took the audience on a trip down memory lane as each performer shared their special memory of District Six.

Ekraam Cupido opened the show by paying tribute to Rudolf Walker, who was known as the Nat King Cole of Cape Town.

The crowd also cheered for Neesa Abrahaams, who started her singing career at the the Star Bioscope in District Six. She sang a medley of Shirley Bassey songs, receiving a standing ovation after ending with This Is My Life.

The show ended off with the audience in stitches thanks to funnyman Waseef Piekaan.

Waseef explained how his De Doorns roots left him with a serious disability: his kroes hair.

The highlight of the night was Mujahid George. He got the audience clapping and cheering along to his performance, as he sang My Girl by the Temptations.

And he tugged at mense’s heartstrings when he said the over-sized tuxedo he was wearing belonged to the late great Zayn Adam.

Mujahid sang Give A Little Love as a tribute to the late legend who made the song famous with his band, Pacific Express.

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