Pick n Pay in ‘ vark nipple scandal’



May 20, 2016
Pick n Pay in ‘ vark nipple scandal’

COMPLAIN: Shopper finds nipples on pork belly bought at Pick n Pay. CREDIT: Facebook

Customer exposes store for nipples on pork belly cut.

Pick n Pay just can’t get a break on social media.

In the latest online “scandal” to hit the retail giant, vark nipples are the culprit.

A woman complained about a pork belly she bought at a city store, complete with teets still attached.

Chloe Walker posted a picture of the meat on Facebook, saying: “Hello Pick n Pay 🙂 …. now I’m not sure what to tell you about this pic but I assure you, I may be going vegetarian from now on…. I mean there must be quality control for your meat or is this normal? I for one have never ever seen this… and neither have my friends or family and it is quite disturbing, to say the least…. and yes those are nipples.”

Hundreds of mense commented on her post to slam the Plumstead PnP store, and by yesterday, the post was shared about 1000 times.

While most mense were outraged and grossed out, others poked fun at the situation.

Khulood Arendse posted: “Lmimmtjopstix! Sieka left the nipples on for extra weight/R …sy beter check vir piercings …kan miskien ’n hard rock meal wies.”

Lloyd E. Lottering said: “Put a bra on! The nerve of that meat.”

Regular Pick n Pay shopper and pork lover Teri-Ann Mathee said the nipples were just wrong: “Whether it’s pork belly or not, there should NOT be nipples on the meat… I buy pork belly all the time from Pick n Pay and never ever have I seen this. It’s disgusting.”

Walker was quick to point out that she wasn’t out to slam Pick n Pay.

“It was a mistake and I am fully aware of this. But at the same time you buy these products Rands per kilograms and now I must go and cut off half of this meat? I’m not mad or annoyed if anything it’s hilarious.”

Ian Crook, General Manager Butcheries Pick n Pay, confirmed the meat was from their store: “Usually, this product would be trimmed in our butchery. This does not appear to have happened in this case. Pick n Pay has apologised to the customer, who has accepted the explanation.”

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