Phat Girlz have slim chance of romance



October 24, 2016
Phat Girlz have slim chance of romance

BLEAK LOVE LIFE: Phat Girlz on at 10.30pm

Phat or flat? How has your Monday been? Keep things fresh and fat (with a “ph”) and tune in to Phat Girlz (10.30pm on

It’s an edgy comedy about two frustrated plus-size women obsessed with their weight who are sukkeling to find love.

As they say, bigger is always better, so watch Mo’Nique and her other big ass tjommies kick some ass.

If Mo’Nique isn’t your thing, maybe the mob is.

Me And The Mob, SABC2’s movie at 10pm, is about a writer who’s really sukkeling, and out of desperation takes a job with the mob to earn a paar bokke.

Lus for some action? SABC3 at 8pm has Survivor 28: Cagayan and this week the castaways’ spirits are drenched by a monster monsoon.

Speaking of action, have you watched The 4400 on SABC2?

This kwaai sci-fi series is about a comet that brings 4400 mense, who were presumed dead or missing over the past 50 years, back to earth.

They look exactly the same as the moment they disappeared, but something doesn’t seem quite right.

In this week’s episode, a new director takes over NTAC, while a high school student develops an ability after taking Promicin.

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