Pensioners need R8k to get stolen bakkie back



September 20, 2016
Pensioners need R8k to get stolen bakkie back

DILEMMA: Alfred and Joyce Abrahams. CREDIT: Manqoba Ngidi

The elderly couple's joy was short-lived when cops told them they need to handle the recovered vehicle's logistics themselves.

This elderly couple were overjoyed to learn their stolen bakkie has been found after three years.

But Alfred, 80, and Joyce Abrahams, 79, face a new battle — they need R8 000 to bring the vehicle back to Cape Town, after it was found in Port Elizabeth.

The pensioners from Belgravia have been using the bus and taxi since their retirement vehicle was stolen from a parking lot in Mowbray in 2013.

“The police told me they don’t have the budget to get the bakkie to me so I have to get it here myself,” explains Alfred.

“I would really like to get it back but we are pensioners and we don’t have the money to transport it.”

Alfred says his 2001 Isuzu double cab bakkie was stolen on his birthday on September 17, 2013.

He had bought it in 2010, for R123 000, with his pension payout.

The couple had gone to Shoprite in Mowbray, and parked on the rooftop.

But when they returned 45 minutes later, the bakkie was missing.

Joyce says: “I asked Alfie if he moved the bakkie and he said no.”

Since then, they’ve depended on friends and family to get them around.

“We can’t walk very far so when I need to go to the shop, he sometimes pushes me in my late brother’s wheelchair,” says Joyce.

“When we are done, we put the groceries in the wheelchair and push it back home.”

Alfred says they got a huge surprise in July, when PE cops called them to say their vehicle is found.

“Joyce and I were on the bus when I got the phone call out of the blue from PE police,” says Alfred.

“They sent us pictures of the condition that it’s in now.

“The engine is out, the wiring is stolen and I don’t know what else is gone.

“We asked people for quotes to get the bakkie here and the cheapest we got so far is R8 000.

“I don’t mind what condition it’s in, I would just like to get it here because we have people who can help us fix it.”

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