Pay back my money



November 8, 2016
Pay back my money

INTERCEPT: A women drew Lindelas R2500 at Shoprite in Woodstock CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

Man angry after losing his money transfer of R2500.

Shoprite has warned customers to protect their personal details after a Delft man’s R2500 money transfer was intercepted by someone at a different branch.

Lindela Bosie, 45, says he regularly sends money to his family in the Eastern Cape via the Shoprite Money

But the construction worker says his family called him to say they never received the latest deposit.

He later tracked the R2500 to a woman in Woodstock, and now wants Shoprite to reimburse him.

Lindela says: “My heart is sore. I put the money in at the Athlone branch of Shoprite. I paid R2500 to send to my family who really needed it because life is tough for them.

“My cousin had to withdraw the money in Mthatha, but when she went there they said it was not available. I don’t understand what happened because I SMSed the transfer number, and gave her the secret pin when I called.

“I think this is an inside job because this is the first time this has ever happened to me and I regularly send money home.”

Lindela says he went back to Shoprite in Athlone.

“The cashier could tell me the money was withdrawn at the Shoprite in Woodstock. They gave me the woman’s name and all her other details. I am just very disappointed in Shoprite for not assisting me in getting my money back or even paying back my money.

“They said all I could do was lay a charge,” the frustrated man says.

Police spokesperson, Constable Noloyiso Rwexana,
confirms that a case of fraud is being investigated.

“No arrests have been made,” Rwexana said.

Shoprite spokesperson, Sarita van Wyk, urges customers to be vigilant when doing money transfers.

“Many customers are unfortunately not careful enough with their transfer details, or put their trust in the wrong people who steal their money,” she says.

Van Wyk says Shoprite acts as an agent on behalf of Standard Bank that owns the Money Market system.

She says customers should choose strong pin numbers, cover their hands when entering their pins, and only give the pin to the person for whom the money is intended.

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