Pawsome pup



September 2, 2016
Pawsome pup

Boerboel Toey has seven toes on each paw. CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Puppy is born with seven toes on each paw.

This puppy has a toe for every day of the week.

Meet Toey, the boerboel, who was born with a grand total of 28 toes.

While dogs normally have 16 toes — four on each paw — Toey was born with 12 extra digits.

The cute seven-week-old pup was brought to the Animal Welfare Society in Phillipi this week by his concerned Mitchells Plain owner.

After counting and recounting, vets and nursing staff were perplexed to find Toey had seven toes on each paw.

Animal Welfare assistant, Calvin Samuels, says the owner was concerned about the dog’s health.

Toey was inspected by medical staff who found that each extra toe was fully developed, and didn’t pose a health risk to the pup.

“They brought the dog on Tuesday and wanted to know if this is normal and were concerned if it would affect the dog’s health.

“Upon inspection we counted a total of 28 toes.”

Calvin says this is a rarity but the dog is healthy and won’t need surgery.

“A dog normally has four to five toes — the fifth one which is the small one, is called a duclaw.

“And because this animal isn’t in any discomfort and because it was fully formed, myself and another staff member decided there was no need for surgery or to remove it.

Calvin says Toey will be monitored over the next few months to see how his extra tone develop.

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