Patricia Delicia



May 11, 2016
Patricia Delicia

Cape Town's mayor Patricia de Lille shares some healthy eating tips.

Mayor shares diabetic-friendly recipes with Cape Flats mothers.

Since the mayor has an army of staffers at her beck and call everyday, one would expect the mother of the City of Cape Town to have fancy foods all the time.

Nie die goose nie!

Executive Mayor Patricia de Lille not only eats healthy and sparingly, but is now promoting her daily intake of simple meals to enhance the overall health of people across the Western Cape.

On Mother’s Day, the mayor invited 250 women from all over the Cape Flats to the Civic Centre to listen to writer, psychologist and dietician, Patrick Holford, her meal guru talk on how to enhance your health.

About eight months ago, 65-year-old De Lille was warned by her doctors that she would be “diabetic in a heartbeat” if she continued her unhealthy eating habits.

“The doctor sat me down and said I need to stop my nonsense, or become a chronic diabetic patient. I was afraid and did some research on the internet and found Patrick Holford. His take on a healthy lifestyle is simple and cheap. I am healthy and I can handle anything thrown my way,” the mayor says proudly.

And her secret? Die mayor eet niks suiker nie!

She has no sugar or margarine in her diet, eats plenty of fresh fruit and leafy vegetables and drinks lots of “special” water, her very own mixture of H2O.

She eats red meat only once a week, grilled fish at least three times a week and free range chicken in between.

For breakfast, she eats rye bread, avocados, cheese and Greek or Bulgarian yoghurt.

“I love my oats in the morning and I love eating eggs. It gives me just the right boost of energy to get my morning going and keep me going,” she explains.

“I do, however, have a terrible weakness for curries. I can’t help it. Supper is the hardest thing for me. I will have my healthy meals, but I really can’t deny myself a lovely, rich Cape Malay Curry. That is my only cheat. That, and a whisky once or twice a week,” she admits.

The mayor has launched her campaign to get moms to live healthier and in so doing teach their kids to follow suit.

“I appeal to people to get tested. I certainly did not think it would affect me. I urge mothers and grandmothers everywhere to start their day with oats.

Mens kannie verkeerd gaan met pap nie,” she says.

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