Pastor sells tickets to heaven



September 6, 2016
Pastor sells tickets to heaven

Pastor Mboro

Mboro guarantees access through the pearly gates starting at R10k a pop.

A pastor from the Baptism of Fire Ministries Church in Pietermaritzburg says he can send you to heaven for just R10 000.

And for R30 000 you would be a Very Important Person and you will be guaranteed a seat next to major biblical and historical characters like Moses, Abraham, King Solomon and even Jesus.

Much like the controversial Pastor Paseka Mboro, who famously claimed he took selfies in heaven, Pastor Tony Mlambo says for the right price he can fulfil the divine need of every Christian, according to the Southern Daily.

“God spoke to me and said my son, I am heavy of heart. There is so much sin going on in the world that not even one person now qualifies to enter the kingdom of heaven,” Pastor Mlambo told cheering congregants on Sunday.

But all was not lost.

Apparently, you can be saved, but it comes as at a price, 

Mlambo told his flock: “A price has to be paid, people of God. It will not be cheap because we all have sinned so much and made God angry.

“Each and every one of you has to come with R10 000 so that I can cleanse you of your sins and make you pure again in the eyes of our Lord.

“There is no other way. This is the only way otherwise you will burn in the fires of hell with Lucifer,” he declared to church members.

One Durban businessman reportedly bought six VIP tickets for him and his family, saying: “My family and I would never have had a chance to make into heaven but thanks to him, we are all going to be sitting next to the likes of King Solomon in heaven. Praise God!!”

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