Pastor helps you find a sole mate



November 21, 2016
Pastor helps you find a sole mate

THE SHOE COLLECTOR: Father Mike Williams

Holy man gifts shoes to needy.

A pastor is donating over 6000 pairs of shoes to foot and leg amputees across the Cape Flats.

Father Mike Williams of the Anglican Catholic church is on a mission to distribute the onpaar skoene to mense who only need one shoe, or for those who have two different sized feet.

The shoes were donated by various retailers and businesses and are being stored at Place of Hope, a former home for abused women and children in Athlone.

Father Mike says the shoes range from all sizes and styles, like sandals, boots and takkies.

“The shoes are donated from companies, even international ones, who make shoes for Truworths and Woolworths,” he says.

“Many are samples and are brand new. We have 6000 in excess to donate.”

Over 6000 shoes donated to the needy. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

Father Mike says the shoes can be used by amputees or less fortunate people who do not mind wearing mismatched shoes: “These can be given to old age homes, hospitals and are ideal for hospitals, orthopaedic centres who deal with people who have one foot,” he says.

“We intend on placing the shoes in groups and sizes which will make it easier to distribute.

“We have everything from slippers, boots even evening wear.’’

If you are interested in the shoes, please call Father Mike on 084 639 3371.

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