Parly bomb scare



May 20, 2016
Parly bomb scare

PANIC: Travel bag was found outside Parliament.

A suspicious looking travel bag was found outside Parliament.

Parliamentarians and staff were in a panic yesterday after a bomb scare.

The police’s bomb squad was called in, along with sniffer dogs, but luckily there was no need for panic.

It turns out the unattended black travel bag left in front of a building in the parliamentary precinct was harmless, and it was safely disassembled by an explosives expert.

The scene resembled a Hollywood movie as heavily armed police and |dangerous-looking canines arrived on the scene, which was cordoned off.

The explosives expert, with a helmet on, approached with great caution and lay on the ground as he tested the small trolley bag for anything resembling a bomb.

He eventually opened the lid, and to everyone’s relief, found the bag was packed not with TNT, but neatly folded klere.

It’s believed the travel bag may belong to an absent-minded MP or staff member who may have forgotten it next to the entrance to the Old Assembly building overnight.

The brave explosives expert would only say, “I’m fine” to the media as he received thanks and pats on his back from his fellow officers.

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