Parents piemp their ‘killer’ kids



May 26, 2016
Parents piemp their ‘killer’ kids

MURDERED: Marchello George Fuller, 20. CREDIT: Supplied

‘Stabbers’ handed over to cops for attack in Summit Road, Hanover Park.

Three teenage boys who allegedly killed a man were handed over to the cops by their own parents.

The trio, aged 14 and 16, were arrested on Monday afternoon after their parents took them to Philippi Police Station.

The teens are alleged to have murdered Marchello George Fuller on May 14 in Summit Road in Hanover Park.

They may not be named because they are minors.

Marchello’s relatives say the 20-year-old died on his way to hospital after he was stabbed and stoned to death.

Cops say the victim got in an argument with three teenage boys and sustained multiple stab wounds.

Marchello’s uncle, who asked not to be identified, says the young man was attacked after he got into an argument with the 14-year-old.

He explains: “On that day my wife told Marchello to fetch his niece and the [14-year-old] was sent along with him.

“But when they got there [the 14-year-old] wouldn’t leave and Marchello tried to grab him and pull him from his friends when the teen ran off.

“He then grabbed a bottle, broke it and stabbed Marchello on the back. Then all hell broke loose leaving the one [16-year-old] to take out a knife and give it to the other [16-year-old boy] who started stabbing Marchello several times in the chest.

“After Marchello fell, the other [16-year-old] took a brick and smashed it against his head and they all just walked away.

“Marchello’s cousin saw this and ran for help before coming to sit with a bleeding Marchello who could barely speak.

“By the time the car came to take him to the hospital arrived, he couldn’t talk anymore and was just shivering and he died at hospital.”

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Lance Goliath says the investigation linked the trio to the crime scene.

“The investigation official turned to the parents of the three teenage boys requesting them to hand over their sons to police in order for the law to take its course,” he explains.

The three appeared in the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday on a charge of murder.

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