Pad news travels fast



September 27, 2016
Pad news travels fast

GOOD CAUSE: Amanda Smith ran Cape Town Marathon for charity. CREDIT: Jack Lestrade

Runner collecting sanitary towels for arme schoolgirls.

This lady has run her first full marathon — and it was all in aid of collecting sanitary towels for vulnerable girls.

Amanda Smith from Sea Point ran the gruelling Cape Town Marathon last Sunday, and since then, she’s collected nearly 2 000 packs of pads, and “they’re still pouring in”.

The mom of one says she started her campaign after reading about the plight of skool meisies in especially rural areas who miss up to a week of school every month because they can’t afford sanitary towels.

The office coordinator says girls suffer because people still consider the female monthly cycle “a taboo subject”.

“Young girls should not have to stay home from school or feel embarrassed at this very natural thing,” Amanda tells Daily Voice.

The athlete says she nearly didn’t get to run the 42.2 km long race after picking up a knee injury a few weeks ago.

“The doctor told me to change my shoes. I was so concerned I would not be able to do the race, but as soon as I changed my shoes, I was right as rain and could do what I intended.”

She adds: “There really are a lot of girls out there who cannot afford to buy sanitary towels and have to remain at home or use an alternative.

“I wanted to help and contacted the NPO Sponsor an African Child and offered my run to them.

“I have never done more than 30km. I am totally chuffed I could finish and was able to fulfil my obligation.”

Up till now, she’s collected more than 26 000 pads.

“It is absolutely amazing how people from all over the country and even other countries sent cash to purchase some of the pads. Most were delivered by women, but some guys actually rocked up with bags of them as well. People just opened up their hearts,” says Amanda.

The pads will be distributed to girls at various high schools in Cape Town.

“We have not decided where yet, but we want to give 500 packs per school. It feels good to do this. I have a great reason to run next time, we are going for 5 000 pads,” she adds.

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