Out with the gold …in with the new?



March 10, 2016
Out with the gold …in with the new?

SJOE, but Gold Diggers is going out with a bang ek sê!

Heists, a mine escape, home invasions, a home birth, and daai’s not even everything.

Sadly we’re waving koebaai to Ronald and the other Gold Diggers today, and we don’t know whether we’re getting a second season of this lekker local series, so don’t miss it – 8pm on e.tv.

Ronald has been on the war path since last week when his family home was invaded by his old enemies, and he needs a lot of money – fast!

While the boys are trying to find money, poor Nandipha is left alone at home to give birth to her and Big Boy’s twins.

Will the Gumede broers come safely out of the mine, and will Big Boy ever meet his twins?

Don’t miss the exciting last episode of Gold Diggers.

From the Gumede’s to the Winchester’s. In Supernatural we’re dealing with angel suicide bombers, of all things. As if the real one’s aren’t dangerous enough!

Castiel has a tough choice to make tonight – kill Dean, or lose his followers. Check out the action, 9.30pm on SABC3.

And in Isidingo, SABC3 at 7pm, it’s baby drama all around when Katlego faints and her doctor decides to induce labour.

Will Kat and Lincoln’s baby be born without complications?

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